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The Gardens of Château Marquise Mirabelle

As befits the taste of a gentleman squire of irreproachable credentials……. the four hectares of romantic meadows are adorned with more than two hundred old-fashioned rose bushes and scores of artistically pruned box trees.

Centuries old trees sway in the breeze...

The panorama owes much of its enchantment to the River Lison which flows across the park, and which has its source 300 metres upstream.

The chateau is situated in a natural amphitheatre from which it seems to embrace all the surrounding countryside.

Somehow in this view there is a sense of continuity with the interior spaces of the chateau, and one is reminded of the connection between this dwelling and its natural setting.

The sweet song of the river as it flows through the peaceful park, enchants the ear, and its limpid waters twinkle as though dappled with tiny stars


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